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Egyptian cleansing meditation kit- by Green Karma llc.

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The Magical Egyptian cleansing kit is a powerful 14 night ritual  that incorporates the Energy of Goddess Sekhmet to remove the toughest hexes and protect against vicious psychic attacks.

 Once the ritual is complete on the Morning of the 15 th day you will have a powerful Talisman that provides powerful Psychic and magical protection and prevents any further attacks and magical shielding.

This kit is ideal for any professional or novice practioner.

This Egyptian cleansing kit is very potent it provides intense Magical clearing , or Blessings if you so desire. This is a fourteen night ritual and will clear out all curses and provide intense magical cleansing or energetic healing . It also produces a powerful talisman to prevent any further future attacks.

The magical  kit includes everything needed to do the ritual, and a special Vessel to hold and create the Talisman.