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Basic wedding Package ( more than two guests)

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Basic wedding Package


$500.00-Without P.A System includes:

  • The officiant’s opening remarks

  • The officiant addresses the couple

  • The exchange of vows

  • The Ring exchange

  • The Pronouncement of marriage

  • The kiss

  • The closing remarks

  • Rehearsal

$550.00-With P.A. System includes:

  • Includes DJ for the ceremony

  • 15 inch Speakers

  • Choice of 3 songs

  • Musical Procession

  • Musical Recession

  • Wireless microphone

  • Includes 1 Musical transition .


$600.00 1 hour Musical Prelude :

Music played 1 hour before the wedding for the waiting guests.

Other Ceremonies of interest:

House Blessings, Spiritual cleansing, Funerals, Blessing of the Meal. Reiki Training.