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Create your session with these al la carte options. These a la carte options may be added to your Reiki, Huna , or other session that you have purchased.


The Flaming sword of Arch Angel Michael $25

The Flaming sword of Arch Angel Michael is specifically designed to remove Entity attachments from a persons energetic field

Chord Cutting $25

We all have chords from relationships. All chords drain people of important energy. Overtime this can cause serious health issue leaving a person to feel drained of energy or worse sick. When you choose this option we will look for toxic chords and remove them from your field.


Golden Chord cutting $25

We have chords that go back into different lifetimes and result in returned wisdom when these chords are removed.


Vortex Clearing $25

This is a powerful guided meditation that gets to the core of your being and removes all blockages and Entities in your field. Once the ritual is complete energy restored to the persons field.


Ancestral Healing $25

Many times vows or self limited belief systems are so ingrained in or psychic being that they follow us throughout our lifetimes.In this Guided meditation we will release vows and self limited belief systems acquired through your lineage or other lifetimes.


Reiki session $ 25

Reiki session is universal life force energy. It helps heal the mind body and spirit . This is a 15 minute session.

Huna $25

Huna is tool that was given to me Kumo Keolohi during my Kahuna training in Hawaii. There 7 principle of light that come with this modality called ano ano.. This session is a 15 minute session.


Meet your guardian Angel $25

Have you ever met your guardian Angel? Well this is a great opportunity to do so.Free Blessings

What is a Blessing ? It is a state of divine grace or being. I offer several types of Blessings or Deeksha. This is a perfect way to end your session and is given to you at no extra charge when you design your unique session by choosing two or more options from this menu or pay for a 1 hour healing session.


Reiki Blessing

Reik is unoiversal life force energy. It heals the mind body and spirit. But it goes much deeper than that. With this selection you will be able to discover the divie state of grace that is given by Reiki.


Huna Blessing

(free with a purchase)

Huna is a Polonesian system used for healing and shifting reality. Discover the principles of Huna. to help you shift your reality. You may Choose one of the 7 principles of listed here : Ikie, Kala , Makia, Manawa, Aloha , Mana and Pono

Free with a Purchase


Yab -Yum Ghua Blessing

(Free with a purchase and to be received at home via long distance)

This Deeksha come from the teaching of Tibet. This blessing literally changes your life within one year. It is given to severely depressed people, Once it is given your life will change for the better.


The oneness awakening Blessing

( Free with a purchase )

I am a certified oneness Blessing give and this Blessing is a powerful transmission of Divine grace that Awakens the higher state of counciouness and connect you to what you consider sacred. It is a powerful healing modality that will shift you reality and help you see from different perspectives.


Buddha light Expansion

( Free with a purchase)


I am a Vajra master and this expansion of light comes to you from the Ascended master Buddha. This tr

ansmission of light comes to you from the Mahayana lineage. It Expands the light from within and helps you to reach you Buddha counciouness. This a perfect compliment for anyone wanting to learn about Buddhism or wanting to reach a more enlightened state of being.



The North American Nurses Diagnosis Association (NANDA) recognizes energy therapy as an intervention representing a specific theory: human energy field theory (HEFT). This therapy is related to the approved nursing diagnosis of energy field disturbance 1.8 (NANDA, 1995/1996).