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Will the real lightworkers please stand up?

投稿者 : Angel De Hoyos Kolek on

Channeled By :

Angel Miguel De Hoyos Kolek 


   One of the Greatest joys I have as a lightworker is to shine my light in darkest of places . During my training an in sessions we have discovered that this is one of my  abilities. To find the darkness and expose it.

    I have come to realize there are least three different breeds of lightworkers.


1.) The healers- those that channel  light energy to heal sickness and emotional trauma.


2.) The social activist- those that help people ascend to higher dimensions of counciouness with light work.


3.) Spiritual warriors-  those that actively look for places that need the light and intentionally dispel the darkness.


    I always thought myself as a healer but I feel that we all have a little bit of all these qualities. Some are more prominent than others.


As we are in what some would call the Kali Yuga. It very well seems that the we have entered another reality or dimensional portal of consciousness.


  From what I understand about the Kali Yuga we go from a place of light to a time of darkness. 


  Evidence of this has already started to show itself in our politics and  some  of you light workers will feel very funny as your shadow self starts to make it's appearance unexpectedly...


  However the truth about this period in time is that its actually a Blessing in disguise. It is this time that we begin the purging of our low vibrational pitfalls as a society and deal with the skeletons in our closet. 

   In other words we as light workers are actually increasing energetic intensities to purge that so called darkness within.


     So in reality you are actually growing in higher in energetic frequency. Which means you must acknowledge and shed that which binds and lowers your frequencies.


     It is in this time that the lightworkers start to realize there true place and the crucial role that they will play in society as a whole.


   The question is what role you will play as the purge continues. Will you be the healer,  Social activist, or be more like the Angelic warrior that actively seeks out those dark spots and actively shines their light so that others may find the courage to shine their own light...


   No no matter the choice these are the lightworkers.


   If your confused about what role you will play. I am currently offering an attunement that was given to me by lady Nada and the Karmic board it is called "The soul light Expansion."

   This activation is truly a Blessing and serves as a compliment to your healing modalities and it will help you realize your souls true purpose...

  My hopes are that we can start to make a difference in the world. I know in my heart as a lightworker that there is just more than just healing. As a practioner I can no longer ignore the fact the there is great unjust in the world however much we want to ignore it.  I feel it is up to us to rise to the occasion and be the light during times of darkness..


- Be blessed children of the light-