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Dearly Beloved Children of the light!

投稿者 : Angel De Hoyos Kolek on

by - Angel Miguel De Hoyos Kolek-

Dearly Beloved Children of the light!

We the Ascended masters of light bring to you messages that relate to your topic of unjust and ruley treatment of the children of the light and understand you concerns.

It is time for the children of the light to gather as one to see their potential for change and to bring about the change that they seek for this to occur we  must see the light within ourselves as one unit and voice to speak from the heart and not the egos and fears that overwhelm us today.

 For many it is fear that drives you into the streets to seek your retribution for unjust actions and for others it is anger and so it is that we bring you this message of Hope that we must all gather as one voice and to praise the collective consciousness that has gathered among you these past few days and to recieve the company of others as a way to fuel a change in your society to promote love and healing in the hearts of your society today and during the next several years as we are told the fear has many people but the truth is that we are not bound to fear. It is only nourished by the belief systems that you feed it.

  We must obtain the wisdom from this new experience as an adventure and challenge to gather against the oppression that is in your own souls first before you can effect the new consciousness that you seek to attain. We the beings of the realm of light wish to impart our wisdom to you for the sake of seeing the light workers and the children in need of our divine light we for the sake of humanity we wish to impart  this Blessing for awakening of the souls and together the light will expand as you read this message. For it is only a matter of time before the truths are revealed to you.

  We in order to best accomplish this transmission wish for you to see your selves as infinite and expansive and and to see your truths as a version of you reality that can be changed at will. For their are no truths that are set in stone and with that we must observe our beliefs as a version of reality that we seek to change and not embrace we are more capable of altering the reality we perceive with light in our hearts and not the fear of despair. Moreover we are able to help in the process of changes through the divine connection you all share with the light within your souls.

We come to you in this time of need as many of you have cried out in anger and share your space with you in order to best serve you we are focusing the light where we are welcomed and encourage you to continuously connect with the Divine in your own ways that serve you best. Our messages are of hope and transmissions are of love.