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I am an experienced energy therapy provide and provide many Energy techniques that can compliment your energy session.

Toxic chord cutting

As people we all have connections to relationships and people that no longer serve us. in this guided meditation we will release all Psychic attachments and that no longer serve you well

Golden Chord

This golden chord removing technique allows us to remove toxic connections from the past after it is removed you retain the wisdom from that previous lifetime. 

The sword of Archangel Michael-

This is to remove all negative entity attachments

The vortex clearing method - 

This technique was taught to me it incorporates visualization and releasing of old belief systems. The vortex is a powerful tool to remove energetic baggage and stress.

The gift Box 

This is a guided meditation to help release your old vows from previous lifetimes and many belief systems given to you by your ancestors. This Ancestral  technique is very profound and it's effects last a lifetime.  


Do you hear voices or do have bad thoughts? Is your intuition off? Well then this from of Psychic clearing is for you. This  form of psychic clearing removes entities and psychic attachments.   

Free with a selection from above

Huna Blessing

Oneness Deeksha

Reiki Blessing