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Bonpo Shamanic healing and Vajrayana Buddism ( Pdf courses )

Ther over 5000 forms of Buddishm and over 350 forms of Tantra. The work that I promote helps practioners reach there full potential through mystical intitations and teaachings passed down to me from Generations of teachers who practiced the mystical teachings of Buddism and Vajrayana Tantra. 

 This work comes to you without any Dogma or docturine that you typically find in monasteries. Instead it is presented to you in a manner which allows you to find your own spiritual expression and connection to Various Dieties and spitirtual practices. This work gives you freedom to be yourself and unhibited by the rules that govern todays' society.  

  In this section you will the Teaching of  Gtummo the fire breathinng exercise and many rituals reserved for the avid student seeking to liberate themselves from the restrictions imposed on them by society.