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White owl Medicine

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The white owl is a totem animal that has often been associated with Magic. But there is another side to the white owl that some people don't see.  The White owl is also an ally for a healing and transmutation. Often times we may lose our way on this path we call life and when we wander off we can feel lost.  When this happens times may even seem dark.  But this is the best time for this spirit ally to be called on. 

 This Ally is willing to lend it's Eyes, Ears and wings when you find yourself on those scary misadventures. My Experience with this guide has been and interesting one that has brought my practice to new levels. Over the course of my training I have encountered this wonderful Ally and each time I have learned something new about myself.

 This ally has been a wonderful teacher and continues to show me new things that have allowed me to spread my wings in times that have been somewhat scary for me.  I love the energy of the white owl and love when it shows up in my client sessions.

  When you are in a time that seems dark or scary then this Animal ally is a great friend to call on for assistance.   If you feel like you have lost your way call me for a session and maybe we can help you find your way back to your path. 


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