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Religion versus Spirituality

Posted by Angel De Hoyos Kolek on

Religion versus Spirituality

   While religion can stem from spirituality it has expected conclusions and set limitations which are agreed upon by a collective consciousness. These limitations often impose certain viewpoints and rules for expressing ones own divinity in a manner that is agreed upon. The issue with this is that these limitations are rules set and governed by the organization and the group as a whole evolves together. Sometime this spiritual growth can become stagnant over time and does not meet the needs of every individual.

    Spirituality on the other hand comes from within and is quite expansive. It is merely an expression of one's own divinity in the manner which suits the individual. Spirituality has no limits or boundaries except the ones that are self imposed by the individual.

   We are all spiritual individuals and it is up to us to shine our own lights. The beautiful thing about spirituality it that it allows oneself to explore the depths of one's own divinity and Dualistic nature's. 

   In spirituality there is no right or wrong. There is only the light that shines from within to guide us in to the Bliss of connection with the Divine, And this can mean doing great things for oneself and others.


-Be Blessed Children of the Light-

Channeled By Angel Miguel De Hoyos Kolek










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