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Limited belief systems

Posted by Angel De Hoyos Kolek on


-Angel Miguel De Hoyos Kolek-


Limited Belief systems come from experiences that we have experienced in our past. If we allow these belief systems to permeate through our existence than we are in fact living the past and not in the present.


   However if we approach every experience as if for the first time we may be surprised to find our experiences in fact become entirely different from what we have expected. 


   This in fact is one of the key points in trying to live in the present moment and not basing your reality from experiences  in the past. When we base our experiences from a moment of present awareness we then allow our world to shift and change as well. Simply put we are in a creator world where we attract and create for ourselves what we believe to be reality. 


   If your reality is created from perceptions created in the past then you are not creating a new reality for yourself.



Be Blessed! Thank you!


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